Let's talk about crystals

Oh the energy!

We were reading a post an influencer wrote the other day about how she doesn't understand why people talk about energy, the moon, crystals...she didn't get it.

As we were reading her comment, we thought wow, maybe not everyone 'gets' it. So, we thought we would explain in more depth.

For those of us that do 'get it,' you know it's all about an inner feeling of calm, anxious, doubt, security - a whole mix of emotions that are affected by what 'energies' are going on around us. 

How do crystals relate to this energy?

For many many centuries, crystals have been known to influence energy. They are rocks from the earth, natural substances that each have their own energy. Good, bad or indifferent.

There are many different types of crystals. Here are a few of our favourites and what they are known for!

Rose Quartz - the crystal of love and affection. To heal a heart, to comfort, to attract joy and love into your life. 

Amethyst - brings inner strength and peace. To calm and provide wisdom and direction. 

Clear Quartz - the versatile crystal. To protect you from negativity and to bring clarity to all situations.